Our approach

Obiter is an independent, project-based publisher of history, fiction, and experimental non-fiction. We use profit-share and print-on-demand publishing models to support writers and minimise our ecological footprint.

Our focus

Obiter focusses on publishing works by diverse and emerging writers and researchers. We are interested in writing that challenges the boundaries of form, offers original perspectives, and is founded in rigorous research.

What we do

At Obiter, our core business model uproots the tenets of traditional publishing. Through a unique combination of profit-share, project-based, and digital-first print-on-demand publishing models, we aim to publish in a way that is sustainable, ethical, and defiantly independent.


Supporting artists

Profit-share publishing is designed to make small publishing projects more viable and to increase the remuneration received by writers by sharing rewards more equitably between publisher and writer.


Enabling diversity

Through the development of unique publishing projects, Obiter is invested in supporting diverse and emerging writers. Our projects bring new voices to the fore and generate creative development opportunities.


Sustainable publishing

Obiter uses a combination of digital-first and print-on-demand publishing in order to make our publications as widely accessible as possible, while minimising waste and reducing our ecological footprint.

See our current projects

For more insight into what we do, check out our current and upcoming projects.